Handbags and Gladrags

It’s been a busy week this week trying to catch up from an enforced break last week (sick child).  And a lot of the focus has been on Sewing Space as I kicked off Kids Sewing Club on Monday and had two drop in sessions.  But I still found time to develop an idea I’ve been having for a handbag.

It all started with a handbag kit Barbara brought to a drop in session, you know when something is really neat but not quite “you”.  Or in this case my friend who’s animal crazy.  So created my own handbag design and the cat flap bag was born and although it was a ridiculously late Christmas present she loves .

So all fired up and wanting something I can carry round to demonstrate my skills I began to think about a bag for me.  I had some faux leather left from a commission before Christmas, in fact offcuts but big enough.  And I have recently bought some tartan for a Kids Sewing Club session later in the month, but hey how much tartan do you need for a dolls skirt….

So this is my handbag, it suits me as I love bright accessories, it’s on trend, colour blocking and tartan, and I LOVE it.  I also nearly burst with pride when my husband just assumed I’d bought it  ❤

And if you’re wondering about the gladrags, I was really honoured to be asked to make a prom dress this week.  I can’t wait!!!!

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