Welcome Serge and Dorothy

Well it’s been quite an exciting week on the retail therapy front.  Of course I can argue I needed some new toys tools but I’ve managed so far.

But some things just go quicker and look better if you have the right equipment.  Enter a brand new Overlocker and a new Dressmaking Dummy.  So this is Serge:


He’s very clever and just a bit scary.  I am a terrible collector of geeky facts (inherited trait I think, thanks pops) so I was strangely happy to find that an alternative name for overlocking is Serging. Enter my other inherited trait, dreadful puns (again thanks pops) and a sewing machine named Serge.  I have spent a happy couple of hours learning to use him.  And here’s what he can do…..

The other new member of the family is Dorothy, Dot for short (see if you can guess why).


She’s just gorgeous and has 13 adjustments making her extremely flexible something I am sure will come in very handy.  Unfortunately this means Jenny is entering retirement.  Bless her she’s got a dislocated shoulder and just doesn’t move properly anymore. But she’s been with me for over 25 years (yup I know she’s aged better than me) and I am a little sad.  It’s not too bad though Emma has offered to rehome her and who wouldn’t want to wear a wedding dress every day.  I know Emma would!  Yeah OK me too just prove I still fit in it 🙂

I look forward to showing you what I can create with these fantastic investments, stay tuned.

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