Workshop Countdown

The last couple of days have been “organising” days.  The dreaded tax return has featured but then so has the Applique workshop I’m running on Sunday.  I’ve spent some more time making pattern templates which is fun in a geeky kinda way.  So now I have these guys in my collection

IMG-20150506-WA0000Mand Made Dinosaur 2

The dining room is now a staging area for all my fabrics, tools and of course my machine.  But I still felt unprepared and that’s because I haven’t actually proved any of my new patterns work.  Well you guessed it there really is only one way to test that.  So this afternoon has been spent cutting, ironing and sewing.  To produce this little dude….


And while he is very cute he’s also not very functional.  So I spent the rest of my afternoon making him a “friend” and turning the whole lot into a little shopper.


If you’d like to know more about my workshops then please use my feedback form or the comments on this post.

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