Applique Workshop 17th May 2015

Well what a busy day it’s been!  I confess I’m a bit of an organiser so I’ve been “staging” the things for the workshop since about Wednesday.  20150517_083858Still there’s always that last minute “What have I forgotten” moment when I set off.  Whatever it was today, we didn’t need it 🙂

And because I’m uncomfortable being on the last minute by 8:30 my boot looked like this, even though the room was booked from 12:30….


I’d not seen the room before but it worked out pretty well; room to wander round, nearby kettle, lots of tables and chairs.

Because everyone was starting a piece from nothing we spent most of the time making and cutting patterns, choosing fabric and cutting it out.  In fact I don’t think anyone finished a piece except the lovely Kaycee who was chuffed as anything with her cushion cover (no applique).

No one seemed to mind that we’d have to get back together to finish up so I’m pretty happy that they enjoyed themselves and like all good things I’ve left them wanting more!  Here are some pictures of their work so far…..


Trisha’s Triceratops


Hannah’s Diplodocus


Katie’s Moon Fairy


Carole’s Dancing Couple


Pat’s Doggy Duo

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