Starting Again

Well OK maybe not quite.  But certainly somewhere quite close.  I’m now half way through the Fashion & Textiles course.  I expected to brush up on some of my techniques, I expected to learn some new ones but what I didn’t expect was to really start to understand the difference between sewing for a hobby and sewing as a business.  It’s been great 🙂

I had written a business plan and it includes sales projections, product costings, overhead calculations and of course my dream of holding mutli skilled craft workshops.  But it doesn’t come close to describing the step up I am now making in the accuracy of my cutting, sewing and finishing.  Or the difference between making one of something and making (hopefully) dozens.  All of which is fundamental to making a success of my new venture.

And there has been an unexpected bonus of being able to observe an experienced tutor handle a group with a huge range of abilities.  Making sure that we work as a group but each individual learns at a level they need to achieve and stay motivated.  I’m really looking forward to the next two weeks.

A few snaps of my course work (I think you’ll see more of the fabric boxes I love them!)