Summer is coming (so she said)

This blog isn’t about sewing and it’s not about my business.  It is about awesome creativity though, just not mine 🙂

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to try something new. It’s not that I’m not busy, or even creatively stretched, it’s just nice to do something because you can.  And just as I was toying with a beginners crochet book I saw this…..

Yeah, I know probably not the best choice for a first project, but isn’t it lovely.  A normal person would probably have put it in the file marked ‘for when I have some experience’. Nope never claimed to be normal!  This is the kit unboxed (please note sugar fix which was immediately hidden from the kids)

This is from a local craft business called Rhapsodye Yarns.  And what you get is an exclusive, hand made (dyed) product from someone who cares.  Customer service is friendly and thoughtful.  What’s not to love.

But the crunch really was could I make the scarf 🙊  First good news I could understand the pattern, thank you Emily.  So after a couple of goes at my starter chain I was off.  And in my usual fashion I took pictures to show (bore) my friends and family with.  Tadaaaaa


Just love the bright clear colours 💛  And although it has taken me a few weeks I have now finished and I am so very very happy.  I’m in Sunday mode and no-one deserves to suffer that so I got the kids to model it 😉


Once you’ve finished marvelling at the brilliance of the lady who not only dyed the yarn but also designed the pattern.  Why not have a look at her Facebook page and Etsy shop.

PS I was a little worried I’d run out…

Bag full of Pockets.

I recently ran a workshop to make a beach bag and as usual I did a trial make.  You may have seen the result in another blog post, here it is in case you didn’t. 

I was a little surprised at the size, but then who wants a small beach bag!  Still I had pictured a smaller more tote sized bag and now I wanted one 😮
There was only one thing for it, scale the pattern and make another bag.  There were a couple of other design features I wanted to change on it too.  So here it is a smaller tote sized bag with grown in handles matching the fabric.

Can’t see the pockets?  Ah that’s because I made it reversible in case you want to keep your pockets to yourself 😉

Two bags for the price if one, definitely a keeper.  Dot has temporary custody but not for long (and only because she still misses the Prom dress)

Prom 2016

It’s been a little hectic since I got back from holiday.  It was countdown to Prom which meant final fitting time for the dress I have been making.  It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jess and her mum.  I particularly love that Jess always gives good feedback, what can I say, I like a client that knows what she wants ❤

This journey started in February when Jess sent some pictures and asked if I could make “this”.   “Sure” I said, “why don’t you come in and we’ll have a chat”.  It is of course never that simple, before the appointment I found some patterns that were as close as possible so we could talk details.


At the meeting we agreed how the dress would look; style details, colour, materials, length……  But more importantly I got to know Jess and her mum.  I feel when making a custom outfit it’s important to know who I am making it for and that they get to know me because they are trusting me with something really special.  In February it seemed a very long time until June, Ha!

Normally if I’m making for fairs or for me I buy fabric quite happily online but this time it seemed more prudent to get some samples.  While I waited for the sample to arrive I got busy customising the pattern (I did say it’s never that simple didn’t I).  I could use the pattern for under-layer of the dress, however, to create the top layer I need to graft the sheer panel onto the main body, yup that’s as confusing as it sounds!   Still it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy 🙂

The next few months were a blur of cutting, tacking, over-locking, sewing, fittings, discussions.  And for Jess, shoes, underwear, jewellery and unfortunately exams 😦

I will admit I am very very proud of the end result and Dot is still sulking that she can’t wear the dress anymore!  In fact she’s sulking so much I’ve included her in the gallery below but undoubtedly Jess is the star of the show.  Thank you for asking me to make your dress for such an important day.


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