Bag full of Pockets.

I recently ran a workshop to make a beach bag and as usual I did a trial make.  You may have seen the result in another blog post, here it is in case you didn’t. 

I was a little surprised at the size, but then who wants a small beach bag!  Still I had pictured a smaller more tote sized bag and now I wanted one 😮
There was only one thing for it, scale the pattern and make another bag.  There were a couple of other design features I wanted to change on it too.  So here it is a smaller tote sized bag with grown in handles matching the fabric.

Can’t see the pockets?  Ah that’s because I made it reversible in case you want to keep your pockets to yourself 😉

Two bags for the price if one, definitely a keeper.  Dot has temporary custody but not for long (and only because she still misses the Prom dress)

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