Summer is coming (so she said)

This blog isn’t about sewing and it’s not about my business.  It is about awesome creativity though, just not mine 🙂

A few weeks ago I decided I needed to try something new. It’s not that I’m not busy, or even creatively stretched, it’s just nice to do something because you can.  And just as I was toying with a beginners crochet book I saw this…..

Yeah, I know probably not the best choice for a first project, but isn’t it lovely.  A normal person would probably have put it in the file marked ‘for when I have some experience’. Nope never claimed to be normal!  This is the kit unboxed (please note sugar fix which was immediately hidden from the kids)

This is from a local craft business called Rhapsodye Yarns.  And what you get is an exclusive, hand made (dyed) product from someone who cares.  Customer service is friendly and thoughtful.  What’s not to love.

But the crunch really was could I make the scarf 🙊  First good news I could understand the pattern, thank you Emily.  So after a couple of goes at my starter chain I was off.  And in my usual fashion I took pictures to show (bore) my friends and family with.  Tadaaaaa


Just love the bright clear colours 💛  And although it has taken me a few weeks I have now finished and I am so very very happy.  I’m in Sunday mode and no-one deserves to suffer that so I got the kids to model it 😉


Once you’ve finished marvelling at the brilliance of the lady who not only dyed the yarn but also designed the pattern.  Why not have a look at her Facebook page and Etsy shop.

PS I was a little worried I’d run out…

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