Memories are (Mand) Made of this

Before Christmas I’d been helping one of the Sewing Space ladies create some soft toys from her nephews baby clothes.  You may have seen various version of these “memory bears” on the internet.  Inspired I decided to make two for myself (one for each bub), it’s a shame I gave away all of their baby clothes, doh!  So with the only cot sheets to work with ( I’ll let you ponder why I would still have those (!)) this is the first.  Made with Amelie’s sheets.20151218_133531A picture I posted got a lovely positive response on Facebook and a friend asked if I could make one for her little one.  But it seemed she had a similar problem, what to use….

After a little think she brought me his gorgeous christening outfit.  Now cutting up babygrows and vests I can do without a twinge but this was a different ball game (or bundle of fabric if you like).

I will be totally honest I cut and started to make the basic bunny to give myself time to sneak up on it.  The first cut might not be the deepest but in this instance it sure will irreversibly wreck the clothes.  I was fairly sure I could take the features and shape of the outfit and create a bunny looking like he was wearing the same.  So with the painful first cut done and some strategic pieces cut, Bunny would be wearing trousers, a waistcoat and a dapper bow tie.

Here he is a fleecy bunny, stuffed in polyester toy filling and wearing an outfit fit for a prince.

Wondering if he’s missing something?  Yep took the pictures before I gave him his cheeky grin *facepalm*  Even with it though he’s still not as cute as the little guy who donated his clothes so his mum could have a treasured keepsake ❤20160202_194719