In a time long, long ago, another wedding

I have mentioned that it’s thanks to Emma I have rediscovered my joy of sewing and dressmaking in particular.  But now it’s time to share the first set of bridesmaids dresses I made.  Before we go any further it was the eighties, OK, the eighties!

My sister was getting married and she loved me so much she thought she’d share the stress joy of preparing for the day.  I got to make the bridesmaids dresses, just the three thankfully.  And as compensation I would get to wear one of them….

20150521_085810 Imagine it yellow satin, yellow lace, BIG underskirts, puffed sleeves, yup all that plus big bows.  And still the cute (young) cousins managed to pull it off.  Although I think looking at Becca’s face she knew she’d regret the decision 🙂


Cousin It made an appearance in net underskirt with hoop (again it was the EIGHTIES).


I can confirm it was itchy, heavy and just a little over the top but we managed to smile through it.  OK maybe we didn’t.  In fact I am sure Victoria is actually asleep and the dress is holding her up!

I will confess at the time I though the dresses were wonderful and the gloves well they were just so, so, Madonna!  I loved the creative process and the technical challenge of a dipped waist gathered dress (we’re all hiding them with our flowers).  Here we are with the Bride and Groom.  I hope I haven’t traumatised you too much 🙂20150521_084026

Steven & Emma’s Wedding

It doesn’t seem a year ago that Emma first asked me if I could make the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses for her and Steven’s wedding. I was so honoured because it’s such a special day, I have also never been so scared of messing up! In the eight months to wedding we went from five dresses to seven and a “could you do the cake too”. What a roller coaster but so worth it the ladies and babies looked amazing.


So from the beginning…. the quote of the dress designing process “we don’t want no slutty dresses”, well no obviously 🙂
So we looked through some patterns and nothing was quite right. The best we could do was “like this but not that top, it needs more top”. So here are the patterns we started with for Bridesmaids and the Flower Girls. And this pile of cloth!

We had a few consultations, lots of shopping and we agreed on design, phew! Now there’s just lots of work but that’s OK you just need a plan to deal with that (and a project box of course). So a few measurement later we were ready to go.

And there was lots of work but we livened it up with fittings (alcohol fuelled), more shopping and cake tasting. My old dress-making dummy was brought out of retirement and Anne-Marie was quite jealous when she was told “Jenny” was wearing her dress.

I think at this stage it was still five dresses but not for long. It seems when you have cute nieces they just have to have dresses too! So I downsized the patterns and got creative for my tiny Pixie (she’ll grow soon I’m sure). No idea how you make a 2 year old stand still for fittings but we tried.

And so we moved onto finishing touches. We all loved the clean lines but it’s a wedding so surely we need some bling, don’t we? It’s fair to say this discussion lasted a few weeks, OK months. And in the end, No we didn’t need bling (I saved it for the cake which had it’s own diamanté ribbon). The only non blue things allowed were some pearl buttons and a string of pearls on silver wire for the throws.

And in the end seven beautiful dresses fit for a very special day.

I am so proud and I had so much fun I don’t want to stop. So I’m not! Professional shots courtesy of Karl and Kenny photography